Can I upgrade my shipping?

Realized that you needed something a little bit quicker after placing your order? 

Don't stress - if it is still within 24 hours of the time you placed your first order, you can still upgrade your shipping speed. Give us a call and let us know you need to bump up your shipping speed. One of our friendly staff members will set up a faster shipping speed(whatever your preference is), and take your payment over the phone, or e-mail you a link to complete on your own(you choose!).

Your package will go out with your newly selected shipping speed preferences. 

Please note that your shipping speed and processing time are two completely separate things. Shipping Speed is how quickly the postal carrier delivers your package across the country. Processing time is the amount of time that it takes our shipping and warehousing staff to process all the orders from the day, quality check all of the items, package them up carefully and safely, and get your box in the hands of the postal carrier. This usually takes 1-3 business days and is totally dependent on the amount of orders we are currently handling at any given time.

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