Can I customize my glass piece?

You can!  We have a sandblasting machine in our warehouse to handle custom etching orders. If your piece is eligible to be etched, you will have a prompt on your way to checking out asking if you would like custom etching on that piece.

Our criteria for what we can and cannot etch depends on these guidelines:

A)    Must be a vector image (The image must be clean, smooth and legible once we have printed it out onto the vinyl. No jpeg images. No copyright infringement).

B)    Must be two tone image (Black & White).

C)    No gradients (Image or font needs to be clean, smooth and without any holes. No empty space or design within the lettering, or image).

D)    No super fine detail (As we are using the cut out on vinyl, peel out, transfer and blast method, we cannot do super fine detail because of sizing...the details can become illegible, distorted or damage the process).

E)    Fonts need to be kerned (The letters cannot touch- There needs to be enough space between lettering to make sure that it is legible once it is etched/blasted).

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