Can you cancel my order?

As long as the order has not already shipped, we can cancel your order. 

If your order has already shipped, there's a few options.

1.) You can refuse the package [easiest] and it will be sent back to us, then we'll treat it like a returned order. Please give us a shout if this is your plan! That way, we will be able to handle your return much faster when it arrives back in our hands. 

For credit card refunds, we have to charge the 3% processing fee we receive from the credit card company, for issuing refunds. (No, we also don't think it's fair, but nobody put us in charge of credit card processing. Boy, could we rant for a bit here.) 

ANYWAYS, we charge a 0% (read no fee) for store credit. And with store credit, you can buy glass. And that's what you really wanted, anyways. 

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